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We are doll eyes

...doll mouths, doll legs.

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This is a rating community for all the dolls in the alternative scene (gothic, transexuals/crossdressers/transvestites, industrial, cyber, fetish, glam, vamp, alternative, trash, lolita, etc) who have a great look and a sharp intellect.

Do you look like a porcelain or paper doll? Do you seem fragile from the outside but are tough as nails on the inside? Then this may just be the place for you.

By applying here, you are putting yourself up for a vote. If you cannot handle criticism, do not bother to apply. It is a waste of our time, and yours. Copping an attitude, or deleting your application is not permissable, and will result in automatic banishment. Please read the applicant rules section before applying, it is in your best interest.

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Dare to be different. This is not just a ratings community. A doll is not just a person who is pretty to look at within the alternative scene; we are looking for more. Intelligent and witty, brilliant and beautiful – are you more than just the sum of your parts? This could be the place for you.

This community is not based solely on looks. We pride ourselves on being interested in who the applicant is as well as how they look. Not everyone is right for this community. We do not tolerate abuse. "You are ugly" is not something we tell applicants. This is not who we are. We do however rate what we read. Stand firm with your beliefs and be true to who you are and it will shine through.

We will give you constructive criticism when we can to help should you choose to reapply after a time. We are not saying "no" forever, but we want to make sure that the community is the best it can be. Some people will never make that cut, but the ones who do will find in the community is one of the most supportive out there.

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Claudia - complex_angel - ON SICK LEAVE DUE TO CANCER
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Original creator of the community. Claudia is an all around
do it all type of doll, in charge of stamping new members, she's in charge
of picking out something interesting to discuss and keeping the posts
on topic for it, layouts, approving membership, reminding people
to submit applications so they don't get banned, accepted/rejected lists,
banned members/warning list, rules, themes, contests, banners,
and pretty much anything she wants. She can even get rid of MODS
so don't piss her off. Stunning, beautiful and all around cool
chick - she is here to snap the whip when we are bad little members!

Hailey - wickedhailey
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Hailey's in charge of anything she is asked to do. She's in charge of
our Beauty Challenger ever month and suggestions are welcome
although she gets the right to ignore you entirely or better yet point
and laugh. Hailey is our HTML and graphics doll. She picks up any
leftover stuff that needs to be done including everything listed above.
She does the accepted dollies page so she is the one to talk to about
changing photos, getting applications linked and stuff like that.
Ever the apple polisher, she will keep a tab on anyone causing shit
and let Claudia know, - so watch your back!

Tabby - acidzombiedoll - ACTING HEAD MODERATOR
Points/Scavenger Hunt Moderator
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Tabby keeps the points page up to date and makes sure that the correct
points are awarded to members for their submissions. Tabby
also looks rather good naked...wait what was that all about? Be
super nice to her or else she might yell profanities in your
general direction and erase all your points.

Theme Moderator

This mod is in charge of the theme for the month
as well as getting us all to vote for the theme winner
and posting the winning photos. We are currently in between mods.

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♥ Read the rules before posting an application.
♥ This is a rating community, people are going to speak their minds about your photos and your application. If you feel that someone has judged you unfairly, keep it in mind for the next time you apply, and use it as constructive criticism.
♥ You may not delete your application once you have submitted it. You will be banned if you do so.
♥ Any gender/transgender can join.
♥ Nudity is allowed for those that are 18 and over. You must put ALL nudity pics under a LJ cut with a warning.
♥ There is no age limit, but we don't want anyone who is overly immature in here.
♥ You have 3 days to post your application once joining, if it's not done, you will be banned. The Moderators will list who needs to fill out an application, and how much time you have left to do so. Watch the board for updates.
♥ You MUST post your application as a FRIENDS ONLY post.
♥ Keep your application neat and tidy. If it came up on your preview with bad HTML, correct it through post editing. DO NOT post your application twice.
♥ You may not comment (unless it's on your application) or vote until you have been stamped (anyone who does will be automatically banned.) This includes people who do not apply at all. All comments posted before acceptance will be deleted immediately. So why waste your time?
♥ When replying to a vote, erase the subject line, so as not to disrupt the counting process.
♥ Do not post to the board before you have been accepted, unless asked to do so by a Moderator. Doing so is an automatic Ban. Also, do not ask if you have been accepted/rejected, you will know when the votes are counted.
♥ Absolutely NO communities to be promoted here, unless permission is asked from a Moderator.
♥ Keep misspellings and grammatical errors to a minimum. A good reference for keeping yourself from looking as if you have an IQ of less than 70 is: http://www.geocities.com/black_knight_0/idiotlist.html
♥ When rejected, you can try again in a week but with different pictures. Keep criticism in mind when re-applying, so as not to aggravate the dollies.
♥ You are applying to a RATING community, so if you can't hack the criticism from other members than don't join.
♥ You can stand your ground and argue with stamped members (purely because we find it entertaining)...but if you become a nuisance, you'll be banned. Keep in mind that you are applying, similar to applying for a job, would you argue with a potential employer?
♥ Put 'Take Your Dollhouse Dreams and Make Them Real' in your subject line so we know that you have read the rules. Do NOT change the cut title. that is also there so we know you read the rules. Failure to do so will result in automatic deletion of post, and you will be rejected.
♥ We are an equal oppurtunity community. We do not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, or sexual creed.
♥ DO NOT aggravate the mods! If they tell you to change something, do so, it really is in your best interests.

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♥ Don't break any of the rules.
♥ Once accepted YOU MUST watch the community.
♥ Read ALL moderator posts!
♥ Be active. You need to accumulate 30 points at least in a two month period to stay a member here. The first month you don't have 30 points you get a warning, the second time you get banned. This is to keep the community active and weed out non-active members.
♥ Once accepted, choose an accepted or promo banner from the info page and post it in your personal journal profile.
♥ No drama posts to Mods, be it through email, private message, or comments. If you have a question, or a legitimate problem that email thedoll_house@hotmail.com. But no "S/He said" messages.
♥ No fighting with other members, if you do, you'll be banned. End of story.
♥ Keep the community active, whore out your photos, share stuff you have bought with us, discuss obsessions or fetishes. Rant, rave and bitch about general things that have happened to you, are happening or will happen... or just general things you disagree with. You must post at least once a week to let us know you're active. If for some reason you cannot be active, let the moderators know so that we do not delete your membership.
♥ All large photos and 'essays' under an LJ CUT.
♥ Be ruthless, honest and damn picky towards applicants. Don't just let people in, they need to prove themselves worthy to be in here, however, do not be overly hostile, people should not become suicidal over our posts.
♥ When communicating back and forth with an applicant...erase the subject line so it's blank (I don't want to see any "re:yes"). It makes it so much harder to count up the votes.
♥ Nudity is allowed for those that are 18 and over. You must put ALL nudity pics under a LJ cut with a warning.
♥ Absolutely NO communities to be promoted here, unless permission is asked from a moderator.
♥ Keep misspellings and grammatical errors to a minimum.
♥ We are an equal opportunity community. We do not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, or sexual creed.
♥ We also do not discriminate based on weight. Never, ever, are you to reject an applicant due to their weight. However rejections due to a lack of fashion sense concerning their shape are acceptable.
♥ We maintain the right to ban members at any time, so it is in your best interests to not pester or otherwise irritate the Moderators.

Rules for Voting

♥ Put a clear Yes or No in your subject line.
♥ Give Reasons for your vote. Periods or emoticons are not acceptable reasons.
♥ No swaying allowed. If you are undecided, review their application. If you are still undecided after a review of their application and pictures, just don't vote. Think of political voting, you don't have an "undecided" option on a ballot, do you?
♥ Once you have voted you CANNOT change your vote.

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Take some time and effort to do this, you are accepted or rejected based on this application. One word answers are not acceptable. Also make sure that it is neat, tidy, and easy to read. Neon fonts cause eyestrain, and you want this to be appealing to the dollies.

We were nice enough to make it easy for you...just copy and paste the application below, fill out your answers and there you go, all done!

Keep in mind that once you're accepted you must be active and accumulate 100 points per two month period. If you can't participate or won't participate in community activities, you should not apply here.

Do NOT use rich text or it will mess up the HTML codes.

Make sure you have read the rules for applicants before posting your application because if you haven't, chances are you'll be rejected. We enforce these rules so don't test our patience by not reading them. They are there for a reason.

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Theme for March:


Get rid of the old and get everything ready for the start of spring. What one thing do you want to change about yourself? What are you ready to get rid of that is a burden to you? Show us the spring cleaning of your life!

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Feb's Theme Winner


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Dollie of the Month is:

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March's topics for discussion

What cause would you fight for? What does it mean to you? What can you do to help?

Best movie so far this year that you have seen for the 1st time.

1. Every month there will be a new list of 10 items.
2. When you post your pictures you MUST put the number of the object from the list by the picture. If you don't YOU WILL NOT GET POINTS FROM THE PICTURES!
3. You DO NOT have to post the whole list at once. You may do it a little here and a little there.
4. For the live scavenger hunt you must take the pictures.
5. Don't just do them plain and boring. Put a little artistic thought behind them.
6. When you post your pictures you MUST make it clear that the post has some scavenger hunt pictures. (i.e. in the subject line, in your lj-cut line, somewhere befor the lj cut) If you DO NOT make it clear, i will not give you points.
7. There will be a live scavenger hunt were you will take the pictures and a Internet Scavenger hunt were you will have to find the pictures online.
8. The live scavenger hunt you will get 50 for doing the list.
9. The internet scavenger hunt you will get 30 for doing the list.

March's list:

Live Scavenger Hunt
1. Scene from a Disney movie (explaining it afterwards is half the fun!)
2. Catalog pose
3. Do exactly what the sign says (any sign can work)
4. A dream
5. Picture with an animal (the more unusual the better)
6. Take your picture with someone in uniform
7. a public work of art
8. Capture your reflection in an unexpected place
9. Mimic a statue -- fountains also work well
10. An unsual perspective -- could be everyone's shoes, or the just top of their heads. .

Internet Scavenger Hunt
YOUR NAME SPELLED OUT IN LETTERS. Use either your real name or your LJ name

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This point system is to determine who is the most active. Whoever is the most active will obviously have the most points and whoever has the most points will be the dollie of the month. Your points will be added up at the end of every week. At the end of two months, if you have less than 30 points you will be warned. 1 warning for points and if it happens again then you are out.

Now, heres how you get the points.

Text only posts- 10
Picture posts- 20
making new banners- 30
Doing the theme- 50
Doing a Discussion- 50
Doing the beauty challenge- 30
Being one of the top 3 dollies of the month- 20
Being the member of the month- 60

-Promoting points-

Friends Journals- 30
Other communities- 30
Promo Communities- 20
Anywhere else- 10

Click HERE to see accumulated points totals per member.

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Click HERE for the list of banned members and warnings given.

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Note: If you want to get off this list because you were banned for not posting an application in time, contact one of the mods and we will consider your request and if you have a valid reason, we might unban you and let you fill out the application within a certain amount of time.

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If you would like to be sisters with us, please comment HERE to be added.

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