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Mod Post

DO NOT come to my personal journal or any other mods' journals asking why you were deleted from the community because we will completely ignore you or even ban you depending on our moods that day. We posted 3 times that we were doing a members' cut and you had 1 week to comment letting us know you wanted to stay as a member and if you didn't read the posts that means you aren't active which means we don't want you here. This is an active community and members joining simply to add another stamp to their user info page piss me off, and trust me, you don't want me pissed off.

Now if you want to be a member again, you must reapply, no exceptions. You will more than likely be banned because you're left as a watcher only now and we don't like stalkers here. To get unbanned you must email us at in order for us to unban you, if you have a valid reason for not responding to the warning emails Hailey and I posted we will unban you so you can reapply.
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